The Day That The World Broke Down

Four! Four years! Ah ah ah.

Yeah, it has been that long. New record I suppose. And a lot has happened(but hey, it’s been four years) since I wrote some stuff up here and decided to post something. So, not expecting anyone to read this.

But yeah, some things that are on my mind, LARP, Home, Sickness, D&D & music(obviously).
I’ll touch those in the order I want, but music will be at the bottom(as always) and feel free to turn them tunes up while you read the rest.

Oh, and this one will be a read more thingy, just so my frontpage isn’t YUUGE ūüėČ
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Feeling a bit Voodoo

So, not really much to talk about.
Life goes on, and so do I. Whether I want it or not.

Mainly wrote this little thing for the music, cause I have 2 beauts I don’t want to withold from y’all!


First one is by some folks featured in a post 2 down from this one. Street Corner Symphony.
This time with a little bit less a capella, and a touch of studio, the result is a song I am a sucker for, no excuses.
Here is Voodoo!


The second one is Muse, an old favourite band of mine. Had forgotten about them, but like with all good things, it keeps coming back.
I picked out their cover from Nina Simone’s Feeling Good:

As a special mention, I would like to put forward Michael Bubl√©’s version as well.

Furthermore, just some music:
Something always picking me up, Erutan – You’re not alone:

And lastly a German song, I don’t get half of it, but I just like the song, the bits I do get and the general feeling of it:
Adel Tawil – Lieder

Mountains, bedsheets, Omens and a terrible loss

So, today I am getting ready for coming weekend.
In the coming weekend I will be playing a stout Duerghar(dwarf) from the Stoneclan. He is an old veteran gone innkeeper with his wife Merida(played by my girlfriend(yeey for not having to wait to kiss her on a LARP)). SO, since last time he became a member of the (Dragovenian(human)) King’s Council. Prestiges you might say, a pain in the beard he says.
You see, the thing is that he has to bring some unbringable news to his kin, and he fully realizes that by law any messenger is accountable for his words, even though he speaks it for others. And what’s more, the last messenger, a rather High Duerghar Lord, has already been banished for the words he is about to bring. Yet, his own words brought him to still step forward and to risk being exciled not only from the Hold of Steel, where the Duerghar Council sits, but from all the Holds, including his beloved Hold of Stone.

And so, with a heart heavier then granite and his mind more clouded then a Mountainpeak he steps towards the mighty Hold of Steel, hoping it is not the last Hold he will ever set foot in.

To get in the mood I am listening to these songs:
Misty Mountains Cold A Capella – Street Corner Symphony, a nice version, longer then the movie and properly done.

Love & Loss – Two Steps from Hell, a nice music video to Erebor.

Furthermore, Omen – The Prodigy, a nice song

And a song from an Age ago, Ghostflowers – Otep

An awesome Dutch song, Vulgaris Magistralis – Heidevolk

Lastly, a Flander song, Fantasig Toch – Eva de Roovere. Lyrics here and in English here.

Golden Crowns and Summoned Elementals

I watched Game of Thrones this weekend. Not alone though, no, I watched it with Didi. We kinda agreed a month or so ago that we’d watch it together.
This weekend it was that time.

So we came together, sat down on a lovely couch and starting watching. Then another one, and with a lot of effort we made a trip to the store for food and back to the series.
We stopped somewhere ¬†around 3 o’clock with watching, after a certain someone gained his Golden Crown. The way he received it was awesomely done, and I am so going to incorporate it into LARP.

As for the Summoned Elementals, the sunday we had a Barbecue with the Khaladani and friends. Which was awesome in his own right, and most definately up for repeating.
There was really only 1 downside; I had slept for 4 hours, and not even in one go, for I had to deal with a black Mushu twice. So I was a zombie during the roast… not the most suitable way to deal with that, so sorry for that all.


Now for music:

Bleach – Treachery

In with the new, and hey! we get to keep the old

I have found a way to get the import script to work, so all old posts are back.

BUT! there are a few things:
1. ‘Special’ characters aren’t imported right(think √£ now shown as √Ā for example)
2. Users aren’t imported. So if you want to subscribe and comment (re)make your useraccount.
3. Images aren’t covered. The images aren’t covered in the update, I’ll upload em one of these days, but I won’t trackback every single post I’ve made to fix them. *instant update* Guess I was to rigorous and accidentally deleted all the images in the gallery. Can’t be restored so I’ll have to look em up and upload them again if I can find em. ><

other then that, enjoy the music and readings