Feeling a bit Voodoo

So, not really much to talk about.
Life goes on, and so do I. Whether I want it or not.

Mainly wrote this little thing for the music, cause I have 2 beauts I don’t want to withold from y’all!


First one is by some folks featured in a post 2 down from this one. Street Corner Symphony.
This time with a little bit less a capella, and a touch of studio, the result is a song I am a sucker for, no excuses.
Here is Voodoo!


The second one is Muse, an old favourite band of mine. Had forgotten about them, but like with all good things, it keeps coming back.
I picked out their cover from Nina Simone’s Feeling Good:

As a special mention, I would like to put forward Michael BublĂ©’s version as well.

Furthermore, just some music:
Something always picking me up, Erutan – You’re not alone:

And lastly a German song, I don’t get half of it, but I just like the song, the bits I do get and the general feeling of it:
Adel Tawil – Lieder

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