Hello and welcome to this little subpage on LARP Achievements, or LARPchievements how we lazy folk call it(saves us 2 whole signs alright?!)

Now without further ado, the list of lists:

As a player, have your character get nuked by a GM, resulting in the instant death of said character.

Story time!
Have your own signature story, and have other people tell it at other events.

I shall be a benevolent god!
As a player; Achieve godhood.

Easy as pie
As a low intelligence character, successfully solve “smart people” quests which they couldn’t solve, without breaking character or a GM’s aid

Divine Bluff
As a player; Achieve godhood without ever spending any exp. on new skills.

Weeping Willows
Have at least 75% of the player base attend your characters funeral.

One of us!
During a single event; Have multiple people take over your character’s accent in conversations with others, without them realizing it.

Three man and a tree against the horde
Defend yourself and two others around a tree against a horde and live to tell the tale.

Assuming Control
Takeover control from the designated commander in the first battle for your character on the first event for you there.

The Mexican Standoff
Have a good old Mexican standoff.

Pooped Pants
Leave your victim quivering with fear and sheer terror without injuring or killing the victim or using a spell.

None Shall Pass
Defend an area against a group of enemies alone until your goal is achieved.

Playing the xylophone
Get behind the enemy line unnoticed and alone and start hammering away.

My Voice is my Power
(With a group) Advance on an enemy line whilst repeating a chant(not a spell!) which makes them retreat.

Silence is golden
As your character; stand behind a person for the duration of a full conversation(not with you) without them noticing and realizing it.

Kneel before me!
As a player: Make a god kneel before you.

A Spell of Bluff
As a non-magical character, start chanting a spell(like) to your opponent and get away with it.

For Odin!
(With a group) As a player: Storm into a far larger group of other players knowing you won’t survive the odds.

Just business
As a player: Use the age old Mercenary excuse: ‘I did it for the coin, nothing personal’ in a situation of life or death and live to tell the tale.

Something something evil
Being sacrificed by an evil person with people looking and doing nothing to stop the sacrifice

Eye of Sauron
Stare a player into submission and leave that player scared witless

Baffling the Gods
Genuinely surprise a GM with your actions

Survival is key
As a player, do things which are considered beyond suicidal and life to tell the tale

Way of the Empty Fist
As a player; defeat an attack against fully armed opponents with no weapons(you can borrow theirs) and use of spells

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