I am seeing sloppy canons

So yeah…no news for a long time… oh well.

To start off with the biggest thing that happened lately:
My girlfriend and me decided to end the relationship. This due to a number of reasons that led us to both, seperately, come to the conclusion this would be for the best.
I feel very mixed about this, on one end it is a relief for there were strugglings and whatnot, but at the same time I still feel a lot of sadness.
Now for the quirky part(for most outsiders), we decided to still live together as room(house)mates and be awesome at that.

That being said, things are still struggling, again as well with the outside world. Which was what happened last weekend.
Last weekend there was Booyah. Where we play husband and wife. Or rather, used to play. Thanks to a little help from the GMs we ‘solved’ that. We both would get fed a potion where we would all but completely forget whom the other was and what they meant to us, how we filled that in was up to us. We both took a slightly different approach, I remembered her for the recent past more vividly then the past further away(eg. What happened 50 years ago was all me by myself, but everything recent, like the decisions made in the counsil I remember her being there, but all emotional connection was gone, along with a good picture of her in my head), with that I started to wonder why I did certain things, or why I was mad. This because I couldn’t remember her, and therefore the connected reasoning attached to that.
So then the game itself, it was good, fun but a little awkward at times. I had moments of lesser activity, mostly because I was numbed at times. Because seeing your ex, however dear she still is, can hurt when you have no distraction, especially when she looks attractive as she did at times. And that makes a man think, think about things he want and things he wants to shunt away from but can’t.
In the end that led me to a decision, one I hopefully won’t come to regret in coming times, but that, only time will tell the answer.

That being that, in the coming times I will work with Marco and Petra on designing items for our smith part of our characters. Makes things more in depth and more logical how to do them, and more particular the difference between Duerghar and Dragovenian smiths.
All there is left for me is to find out what to do with my character, now that an important part and brakes are suddenly gone I have to revise a good part of his motivations along with goals. I know he will become more stubborn and less friendly to other races(exception being them) as his race demands, seeing how all the experiences with his non-Duerghar wife ceased to exist. This will bring about some interesting things.

As for far-fetched plans, I have a few with him. Some are secret, others a whole lot less.
To start off with, there is this notion that we should be able to incorporate Duerghar in rituals(they can’t now, not without making the ritual fail automatically).
Then there is the most ambitious project of making a zeppelin! or flying airship, haven’t decided which one to go for. For now we have determined a few critical steps which have to be sorted out before anything is viable to begin with. Aside of all the resources we need propulsion and lift. We have a few ideas of how we can accomplish things, but nothing concrete.

Now, music:
Watsky! – Sloppy Seconds:

Johann Pachelbel – Canon (Played by George Winston)

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire

Mountains, bedsheets, Omens and a terrible loss

So, today I am getting ready for coming weekend.
In the coming weekend I will be playing a stout Duerghar(dwarf) from the Stoneclan. He is an old veteran gone innkeeper with his wife Merida(played by my girlfriend(yeey for not having to wait to kiss her on a LARP)). SO, since last time he became a member of the (Dragovenian(human)) King’s Council. Prestiges you might say, a pain in the beard he says.
You see, the thing is that he has to bring some unbringable news to his kin, and he fully realizes that by law any messenger is accountable for his words, even though he speaks it for others. And what’s more, the last messenger, a rather High Duerghar Lord, has already been banished for the words he is about to bring. Yet, his own words brought him to still step forward and to risk being exciled not only from the Hold of Steel, where the Duerghar Council sits, but from all the Holds, including his beloved Hold of Stone.

And so, with a heart heavier then granite and his mind more clouded then a Mountainpeak he steps towards the mighty Hold of Steel, hoping it is not the last Hold he will ever set foot in.

To get in the mood I am listening to these songs:
Misty Mountains Cold A Capella – Street Corner Symphony, a nice version, longer then the movie and properly done.

Love & Loss – Two Steps from Hell, a nice music video to Erebor.

Furthermore, Omen – The Prodigy, a nice song

And a song from an Age ago, Ghostflowers – Otep

An awesome Dutch song, Vulgaris Magistralis – Heidevolk

Lastly, a Flander song, Fantasig Toch – Eva de Roovere. Lyrics here and in English here.

The beginning of a new Heroic Age

So, many months later I decided that(with a friendly, but stern, reminder by my girlfriend) my page/blog/whatever could do with an update.
Without further ado, here is the next blog about my life(or parts of it anyway):


…Actually, I’m not sure where to begin exactly… so I’ll guess I’ll start with what the title says… DnD(yes, yes, I know it does not say so… just read on will you?)

As mentioned in my previous post I was invited into a DnD Part-eh! and our main plot thingy to get to know the setting was a Paladin of Shor(For Shor! (Go ahead, shoot me with new wordplays on this one, I have had 4 trolls dealing with this, so I dare you!)) Borvir. We have rounded up this party a couple of weeks back. After months of playing we ended up with Heroic characters(and not in the sense of DnD but in the world as well) that turned back more to their root and their true nature. *insert old man’s cracking voice* Now listen here.. young whippersnapper, back in them days we Jellbrädians were the biggest, baddest and strongest warriors this cradle of civilization has ever seen, but now all you youngsters are weaklings! PAH! How we ever are still called the best warriors is beyond me… My if I ever *rummaging sounds and heavy things that fall down, then a new face appears* Sorry for interupting this explanation, but we figured the old man had explained all he needed to. *end of scene* And thus we returned a little back towards that, turns out, my ancestors there loved swinging a particularly big hammer around, one on which I managed to lay my hands upon. and it was AWESOME! Then we tickled a big beasty, managed to fly away on him and then we continued to the end battle of the campaign. Much awaited and dreaded for we finally battle this Lord of the Night. It was fun, but my paladin was not too helpful in this particular battle, I did not do enough damage to really damage him, my weapon turned out to having a pretty big downside(stupid warriors not making their highest saving throw) but I did save folks, and overall it was a very fun encounter albeit with a slight taste of not making the fullest out of my puppet.
So, for finishing that campaign and for the fact that my Jellbrädian Paladin of Shor, Borvir Pedersson, I now break my usual format and present you these two songs that befit both him and the Jellbrädians of old(really, this last one you should have had playing while reading the text…tsssk)

Rhapsody of Fire – Holy Thunderforce:

And the song-you-should-have-been-listening-too-the-whole-while-but-probably-didn’t:
Miracle of Sound – Sovngarde Song:

As I have said, I broke my usual layout to salute the brave Jellbrädians with their victory, that many more may follow! For Shor!!
Ahem… We also played some other campaigns along the way, from one-offs about rebellious sadists to full-blown campaigns like our Akktan puppets who now own a castle… yes, a castle. and it is the most awesomest castle EVER. it’s a fact!
And in there, we rule the surrounding country as Viscount Markus von Trisk and his ilk. So far we have found out who we were, killed someone important(or so we ‘d like to believe) and found new strength to face our foes and dispatch them with ease. Now we have the challenging task of making sure our foo…erm…people are safe and our county prospering under our rule. But I am sure we will pull that off, or my name is not Von trisk!

Other then the DnD things I have bought a house, still hanging with Didi as my girlfriend, visited LARPs and I even…wait, what do you mean I bought a house?
Not sure what you do with a house other then renting or buying it, but I bought my own home. All I have to do now is to sign some forms(and adhere to all the rules unfortunately) and then do the fixing up and moving in part. But this is all fuck scary if you ask me, luckily, my girl is there to support me <3 ^^

As for LARP, next week(or rather, end of this one) I will be attending Booyah’s (first?) wedding event as Tahn Dulazuun with my wife Merida. We will see how far this Duerghar fares under all the things Bram will throw at me(because I know the bitch will do that 😀 )


Now for music:
Miracle of Sound – halfman’s song:

Brave – Song of Mor’Du:

Ruslana – Wild Dances(Ukrainian FM Version):

Daft Punk ft. Pharell Williams – Get lucky:

Norah Jones & Dolly Parton – Creepin’ In:

My Chemical Romance – Mama:

(It’s Dutch, but enjoy the tunes) Rob de Nijs – Jan Klaassen de Trompetter:

Now for a very special thing: I am posting a cover for a song, not the original, and that’s because I am so in love with her voice!(and I so hope Didi can master this song in Japanese some day <3 <3) original can be found here. Mind that the original posted is a LIVE recording, versus a studio recorded album version in the following video:
Kate Covington(AKA Erutan) – Itsumo Nando Demo:

Enjoy the stills from that must see movie!

Ladies and characters

Let’s start this thing with the best news I can about give you lot.
No, it’s not about having a child. No, it isn’t about marrying either… And NO! It is NOT about all evil being gone…
FINE! it is not THE best news, but it is for me, so there!

What it is about? Well, I have a girlfriend now. and yes, it is Didi, whom I posted about earlier.
I am very happy having her as my girlfriend, and I believe I haven’t stopped smiling since the start.
It was a bit inevitable that we hooked up though, most of my friends weren’t surprised that it happened(some even wondered why we took that long), in any case, still very much thrilled about her, and getting even more excited the more I learn about her. I could go on and on for hours about her, like how great it is to see her smile, the twinkling in her eyes as she does so. Or the smile on her face if she is waking up to a kiss, or the angelic look when she is still asleep. Or her puppy-eyes when she wants something… so irresistible.
Could go on an on… literally

But I want to touch other subjects as well, or rather, subject.
It has now been… 3-4? months since I started to play along in Estanov’s group and had so much fun since, telling about it is hard, seeing the world I play in exists only in minds of the players and the DM(Dungeon Master).
I can however, tell about the characters I have played so far.
The first one being Borvir, a paladin of Shor, who is tasked to protect his land(in secrecy) after his order was attacked and he had to save the two numbskulls he is now travelling around with. This character is my main one, and so far, more fun each session.

Then we have Shuran(I believe, see job description), a teenager in the same setting(world/universe) as Borvir, but seeing everything from a different viewpoint as he is pretty much on the enemy’s side. He is getting trained to do High Level political missions(still in school) and it is fun to play him actually. He’s totally different from my normal characters, as I don’t normally do politics. I switched names with him for about 3 times now(and will do a lot more in the future).

Lastly, we have my Ogre Gunra(Joon-ra), also in the same setting, who is controlled by my handler Duran. We had lots of fun with that character, it is my first one being written before any play and as such I was excited to actually play him. So far only one session, but hopefully a lot more in the future.


And music:
only one today:

Woodkid – Run boy, run:

Golden Crowns and Summoned Elementals

I watched Game of Thrones this weekend. Not alone though, no, I watched it with Didi. We kinda agreed a month or so ago that we’d watch it together.
This weekend it was that time.

So we came together, sat down on a lovely couch and starting watching. Then another one, and with a lot of effort we made a trip to the store for food and back to the series.
We stopped somewhere  around 3 o’clock with watching, after a certain someone gained his Golden Crown. The way he received it was awesomely done, and I am so going to incorporate it into LARP.

As for the Summoned Elementals, the sunday we had a Barbecue with the Khaladani and friends. Which was awesome in his own right, and most definately up for repeating.
There was really only 1 downside; I had slept for 4 hours, and not even in one go, for I had to deal with a black Mushu twice. So I was a zombie during the roast… not the most suitable way to deal with that, so sorry for that all.


Now for music:

Bleach – Treachery