The island where I can’t sleep without that girl I met before

I think I did me a new record. Well over 1,5 years.
Oh well, congratulations to anyone that stuck around for this long. No really, I mean it.

I don’t really know why I don’t update this much, must be something about me I suppose, that or just not a lot to write about(or simple forgetfulness).

Anyways, let’s finish up some things I talked about earlier.
First off, Booyah. My character there(Tahn) is long dead. He never made the next event, but then, I suppose that is what happens when you piss off some high and mighty boss like person.
What happened is that Tahn was ‘summoned'(involuntarily) to the father of some runt the group he supposedly led killed. Turned out he was an Emperor of sorts, oops. So far nothing wrong. He was ‘tasked’ with killing a guy Tahn already heavily disliked, so far still nothing too bad.
By doing this he would ‘join’ his party and gain some powers, didn’t want that but eh. The kicker comes when he was forced to kneel. Duerghars DO NOT KNEEL unless out of respect, and he was forced by the Emperor’s Mistress, bad move.
So, I did what every sensible Duerghar would do, I asked for an audience with the person I was supposed to kill, letting him know I was tasked to do so.
It ended up as Parkinglot Plot(Also see: Khaladani), which is to say very epic. The next day I was singled out, the attackers where after me I think, the chanting of my name might have given it away. I believe I forgot to mention that one of the rewards was being made the Supreme General of the Emperor’s forces.
And so died Tahn of House Porfier, seventh son of Reof, Seventh son of Eler, Son of Ovyr, Son of Dair, Son of Tol. He even got to say goodbye to his wife, whom he remembered by now. His last words being ‘Goodbye my Love, my wife’

Second off: KoD.
My character there, now named Amund Geber, still lives, miraculously, and is focusing more and more on magic research. Not much to say on that department.(mostly cause of spoilers about things 😉 )

Third: Games!
So recently Fallout 4 was released, and I’ll let my steam hours talk for me:
Fallout 4
Don’t think I have to go on about how awesome this game is and what it let’s you do with wandering around a post-apocalyptic world building settlements and choosing your own look, now with the option of playing a voiced female protagonist!

Beside that I still play a game of Battlefield 4 every now and then, and some Ark: Survival Evolved. Both of which are very enjoyable

Und now, musica Meastro!
Isla Bonita – Twilight Guardians, nice metal cover:

I can’t sleep without you – Golden Earring, nice raw voice;

I never met a girl like you before – Edwyn Collins, classic:

Pumpin’ Irony – Blues Saraceno, for when you feel like being a Bad Ass:

The Wanderer – Dion, totally not chosen because it is the title track of Fallout 4, no siree!

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